Absolute Luxury

Hand-picked at full bloom in Ecuador where roses grow big, thick, and bright with pristine petals, every arrangement is then prepared by a master florist.

Effortless Beauty

We know every delivery is special, so we guarantee your arrangement arrives exactly when you need it-- on holidays, birthdays, or any day you want.*

Perfectly Timed

These Roses are real roses preserved naturally to guarantee everlasting pleasure,
no watering or sunlight required.

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About Rosemarry

The Original Everlasting Roses from the Andes

#Real Roses from Ecuador#Handcrafted in Thailand
The hallmark token of magnificence and appreciation that lasts.

Every arrangement is curated beautifully by our floral design specialists and is carefully sourced from the highest quality gardens in Ecuador, providing a modern twist on the timeless tradition of rose gifting. Our portfolio of roses is available in a wide variety of arrangements from classic boxes to wedding arrangements on a large scale, for your loved ones to appreciate for Years.

Luxury Arrangements

Send beautiful long lasting roses in our gorgeous and unique arrangements.

Rose Boxes

Be persuasive with our exquisite and handcrafted everlasting rose boxes.

Single Roses

Real roses picked at the height of its beauty preserved in our single box or glass arrangements.

Rosemarry Experience


All arrangements are assembled in-house with Lux-handcrafted boxes and packaging “Made in Thailand”


Rosemarry Everlasting Roses are specially treated to ensure their natural appearance lasts for as long as possible


Hand-picked at a boutique rose farm in Ecuador producing what many believe to be “world’s most luxurious roses”

Custom and Same Day Shipping

Choose your delivery date to make an already special day even better. Same day and next day delivery options are available

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