Rosemarry’s Influencer / Affiliate Program

There are amazing advantages being part of the digital world we live in.

Real roses from Ecuador handcrafted in Thailand, the hallmark token of magnificence and appreciation that lasts.

Capitalise on on-line possibilities by way of turning into a companion of SocialHub Amplify. Joining the Amplify Online Affiliate Program is free, and you’ll earn a 10% commission on each and every generated purchase on our website.

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What is the Rosemarry Influencer / Affiliate Program?

Rosemarry Influencer / Affiliate Program is a pay-for-performance program (we pay you for each generated sale) and the place for internet publishers (the Influencer, Bloggers or Affiliate) to earn a 10% share from all the revenues earned from your efforts.

How does it work?

You earn money by referring customers (your followers) to purchase our rose delivery products.

Influencers / Affiliates can join our publisher chat group and be part of a growing group of influencers that we are part of.

Once a customer orders and pays for a product in our webshop, you as the influencer / affiliate can view real-time all clicks and commission generated from the purchase via this link: https://grow.socialhub.center/publisher-dashboard

As an Influencer / Affiliate you are free to promote the link in every way except spamming and bidding on keywords related to our website.

Does it cost anything to join as an Influencer / Affiliate?

No, completely free to be part of the program. All you need is to enroll and once you are approved you can get started to promote us.

How do I earn commission?

Commissions are paid on the total sales amount for each order. As an influencer / Affiliate you can request payout via SocialHub Amplify, as they will bill our company and manage your payment requests.

What are the rules on advertising and marketing terms and conditions?

As an Influencer / Affiliates are not allowed to bid on the key-word “Rosemarry or Rose Marry”, in any way via misspellings or combos on any search engines. Rosemary Online, Influencer / Affiliates MUST NOT register, purchase or use domains that customers may think can be a representation of Rosemarry. You may also not create an internet site that impersonates our website.

How do I view earnings?

All Rosemarry Influencers / Affiliates are supplied with access to a publisher dashboard which is a web-based influencer / affiliate network platform provided by SocialHub Amplify, and an affiliate network were affiliates and influencers can find other brands to promote as well, the dashboard shows range of analytics in a easy-to-read reporting format.

How do I join?

Simply join our Influencer / Affiliate onboarding group, which will help you get started. Click here. It’s so easy!

1. Sign up, and join our chat group.
2. Login to the dashboard and grab your affiliate link, and share it to your followers.
3. Wait for purchases to happen and see your commission grow…and request payout.
4. Continue promoting and keep earning more and more.

How can I learn more about the Rosemarry Online Influencer / Affiliate Program?

Join our SocialHub Member Club Feed or chat with us via the Chat & Support

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