Everything You Need To Know About Preserved Roses

The Beauty of Rosemarry

Rosemarry are quickly becoming Thailand’s leading luxury florist specializing in Preserved Roses.

We have revolutionized the online gift buying experience by fusing the romantic tradition of sending roses with state-of-the-art preservation techniques to create floral masterpieces that truly make a lasting impression.

A beautiful tradition with a modern twist.

So what happens when natural beauty meets state-of-the-art technology? Let’s find out more about Everlasting Roses.

Everlasting or Preserved Roses are 100% real roses that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their natural beauty and freshness without the need for water or sunlight.

Our luxury Everlasting Roses are real, fresh-cut natural roses that have been delicately cultivated on our partners boutique rose farm in Ecuador. Each individual rose is delicately bred to maintain its natural beauty and blooming freshness year round. Using a sophisticated proprietary solution our Preserved Roses are able to maintain their natural beauty, radiance, and feel for far longer than a conventional bouquet.

Preserved Roses enhance the way the floral industry uses fresh-cut flowers. Preserved Roses are available in a vast range of colors and sizes to suit your needs. Explore our wonderful collection of Everlasting Roses.

Preserving roses is a great way to lock in a moment in time, like your wedding day, anniversary, or any other special event. But how are roses preserved? Is it different from drying them, and how long will preserved roses really last?

Everlasting roses are 100% real flowers. They aren’t made from silk or any other material even though they may look artificial from afar. To properly preserve roses, it’s critical that they are cut at their most beautiful stage. The flowers are then put into a mixture of glycerin and other plant elements. This rehydrates the rose from its petals to its stem and replaces the sap within it. After a few days, the process is complete. You’ll have preserved roses that are flexible and natural.

Preserved roses from the Andes can be enjoyed for a much longer period of time than fresh bouquets or dried flowers. No matter where you decide to place them, you can expect your preserved roses to be everlasting.

They’re perfect for floral art and other craft projects that incorporate flowers.

If you’re looking for a way to commemorate an event, preserved roses are the answer you’re looking for. At Rosemarry we have a huge variety of of preserved roses for every occasion.

Our Everlasting Roses are specially treated to ensure their natural appearance lasts for as long as possible. Preserved Roses from Rosemarry are the longest lasting roses available on the market.

There is no expiration date for roses that have been preserved. The roses’ appearance depends on environmental conditions. Excess humidity will shorten their lifespan.

Preserved Roses Vs. Dried Roses

Preserving a rose is very different from drying one.

When you dry a flower, it’s typically hung upside down for several days to dehydrate the bloom and stem. The result is a brittle bouquet that has lost its original vibrant color.

The difference in lifespans between dried and preserved roses can be astounding. Because dried flowers have been dehydrated, they do not last for long and can easily break or lose petals. If they’re kept in a safe place, they can last for several months, but if they are accidentally bumped or moved, you’ll have more of a mess than a bouquet.

Preserved Roses, on the other hand, last for a much longer period of time. Once hand-set in one of our luxury rose boxes you can enjoy your Everlasting Roses for years. If you decide to store your flowers in a sealed enclosure, they’ll last even longer! When it comes to the difference between dried roses and Preserved Roses there is no comparison!

As long as you keep your Preserved Roses at room temperature and away from direct sunlight, you will have exquisite flowers that retain their vitality, elegance, and natural beauty. Rosemarry Roses are a perfect long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers.

Follow these simple tips to ensure your Preserved Roses are kept in top condition for as long as possible:

• Do not put them in water. Remember, they are not alive, even if they look like they are.
• Keep them out of humid, hot and cold environments. 
• Avoid direct sunlight. Everlasting Roses should not be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.
• Don’t press, bend or squash the petals or stems. They are delicate and can be damaged easily.

Our roses have been meticulously developed under rigorous industry-leading standards. Each individual rose is cut at its most perfect state. Cultivation is a very delicate process and in order to extend the box-life of the roses, only the finest fresh-cut roses are selected for the preservation process. The company’s stringent quality control is one of the many reasons why the roses that they produce are the longest lasting on the market.

Once cultivated, our roses are transformed into everlasting roses that maintain their freshness and biological structure using a special formula the company has developed. The two-day process involves cutting a flower at full bloom, dipping it into a plant-based proprietary solution in order to extract the natural colors, and then re-infusing it through a sophisticated pigmentation process. Next, each rose is dehydrated and then injected with natural oils and a non-toxic and non-allergenic wax formula similar to silica. The outcome is roses that magically continue to look, feel, and even smell like beautiful fresh-cut roses.

The preservation process ensures Everlasting Roses maintain the look and feel of fresh-cut roses without any care required.

Everlasting Roses are convenient because there is no need to add water, switch vases, or deal with wilted petals. A floral arrangement by Rosemarry perfectly captures the essence and aesthetic beauty of fresh flowers with the carefree indulgence one expects of a luxury item.

Despite the transformation process that stabilizes the natural plant, our process doesn’t use any components typically found in artificial flowers, such as plastic or synthetic fabrics.

Rosemarry prides itself on being an Eco-friendly and socially responsible company. You can rest assured that our Everlasting Roses are completely environmentally friendly and contain no chemicals. Our Preserved Roses are biologically degradable and harmless to children and pets.

The basic method of preserving flowers and plants has existed for many years, but Rosemarry were the pioneers of producing luxury everlasting roses. Through the dedicated effort by the Rosemarry team, the technology has been optimized to today’s efficient and large scale operation. At our very own boutique rose farm, dedicated local horticultural experts work together to form a world-class operation producing what many believe to be “the world’s most luxurious roses”. The most special roses from the Andes region combined with our handcrafted Thai packages make the best gift for any special occasion.
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